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[News] Zaobao: 尚达曼:企业应加深合作 产生更巨大社会影响力 Tharman: Enterprises should deepen collaborations for greater social impact

国务资政兼社会政策统筹部长尚达曼今早在首届社会效应投资大会“宗旨议程“(The PurpoSE Agenda)发表主题演讲时,呼吁企业展开更广泛合作,以产生更巨大的社会影响力。(卓祾祎摄)

This article was first published on Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 on 30 March 2022. 文 / 周文龙 摄影 / 卓祾祎 发布 / 2022年3月30日 1:07 PM

(早报讯)企业应改变对社会效应投资看法,彼此进行更广泛合作,以产生更巨大的社会影响力(social impact)。

国务资政兼社会政策统筹部长尚达曼今早(3月30日)在首届社会效应投资大会“宗旨议程“(The PurpoSE Agenda)发表主题演讲时表示,越来越多企业意识到,如果它们忽视社会的长远发展,它们将不太可能在长期内取得良好业绩。

他也说:“企业股东们开始将社会和环境影响视为价值创造因素,而非成本中心(cost centre)。”


Speaking at raiSE’s inaugural Impact Investment Conference, The PurpoSE Agenda 2022, on 30 March, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for Social Policies Tharman Shanmugaratnam said that “Companies are now realising that they are less likely to do well in the long run if they short-change the future, and possibly even in the short run because of the pressures from their stakeholders.”  

He also said, “It is going to be a key source of competitive advantage for companies that move on this early and decisively. All companies will have to start looking at social impact as a value creator instead of a cost centre.”